Pockets of Hope: Update

I guess you can say Pockets of Hope is my 5th baby.

So here we are about three months in. If you would have told me three months ago this is where Pockets of Hope would be, I wouldn’t have believed it at all. I’ve partnered with an amazing Nonprofit, FNCPhilly as my fiscal sponsor. They’ll be helping with me all things nonprofit, as I really had NO clue where to even start. They have been so incredibly helpful getting things going and I’m so lucky that they’ve taken me under their wing.

In total I have made and mailed out 180 hoodies through the United States and Canada. That number doesn’t include my local girlies who have requested them for people they know, or even for themselves. I started my first fundraiser with Bonfire. You can find it here, Pockets of Hope Bonfire Fundraiser. I’m selling shirts with the Pockets of Hope logo to raise money for more hoodies, fabric and shipping costs. I have a few options: tshirts, long sleeve shirts or a crewneck sweatshirt (my personal fav.). I set a goal of 50 and I’m currently at 33, so far raising about $300. Not only have I raised that much but my goal is that when someone wears one of them, that someone else will say “what’s pockets of hope?” and the word is spread!

I was talking to someone who I had donated a hoodie to for a loved one and she mentioned the idea of having some sort of pay it forward where I could include a return envelope so that when the person is done wearing they hoodie, they can ship it back to me and I can donate it again. I love that idea, which has turned into another goal of mine! I’d love to be able to raise enough money to be able to implement something like that!

I shared earlier in the week about how two women from the same down messaged me for hoodies and I connected them through Pockets of Hope. I was honestly crying ugly tears! I never though something like sewing pockets into hoodies could make such a difference and it confirmed even more what I’m doing it what I’m meant to be doing.

I’ve set up a page for donations, so I don’t have go through venmo anymore! Which you can find here: Flipcause.

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