Pockets of Hope

As many of you know my mom recently had to undergo a mastectomy due to a breast cancer diagnosis.

After talking with different doctors on what was the best choice for her, they decided a mastectomy was her best option. Regardless of how scary I’m sure it was for her, she’s currently getting through it like a BOSS.

So in the process of helping my mom recover, I had ordered her a pink Eagles sweatshirt from a local small business, B.Rose – where with the purchase of a pink sweatshirt, the owner donates a hoodie with pockets on the inside (that her mom sews) to a local hospital for patients undergoing a mastectomy. But since my mom was having one, she just donated it to her instead.

Let me tell you, the second that I saw my mom after her surgery the first thing she said was how much of a lifesaver that the hoodie was for her! She had three drains on one side and one on the other so being able to put them into the pocket helped her soo much! So my mom actually ended up asking me if she had anymore but I was like well I have a sewing machine so I can just make it for you. I looked on Etsy and some were selling for like $60! Honestly, I’m not knocking the hustle, but to me I just didn’t feel like anyone should ever have to pay for something like that.

I went to Target, bought a hoodie and then next door at Hobby Lobby bought some fabric and sewed in the pockets for her. It worked great. I even bought fabric tape and ironed a few into her pajamas for when she slept.

So in this whole process, I got to thinking that this was something that I could do to help give back. Maybe raise a few dollars, purchase the hoodies and donate to someone or a local hospital. I put it out there on my Instagram and the response was overwhelming with all of the information about starting a nonprofit, hoodie donations from B.Rose and contacts for people to donate to!

So here we are. I have a goal of 5 hoodies a month to start, I spoke to an attorney about establishing as a nonprofit to maybe apply for some grants and already picking up the donated hoodies.

3 responses to “Pockets of Hope”

  1. I just received my awesome hoodie and I absolutely love it and it fits perfectly, and comfortable! My daughter, Sarah had it shipped. My surgery is next week. I know I’ll be using it as my favorite. I’m always cold. Thank you so very much for this. God bless you for making these to help with this very difficult surgery.


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