Amazon Finds – For the home

i’ve been doing some home projects lately so i figured i would share some of the finds I’ve gotten (and loved) from Amazon

first things first: my new black fan that i’m obsessed with – i got the 52′ and matte black

rug gripper – i put these on the corners of the new runner in my kitchen and it hasn’t budged at all

new hardware for the kitchen cabinets – and they’re slow close, so easy to install

pack of 12 outlet covers – so much cheaper then getting them at the hardware store, even if you don’t need 12 of them it’s worth it to get the pack

set of two muslin hand towels for our bathroom

gold toilet paper handle thing (whatever it’s called)

disposable shower drain hair catcher – this was an absolute necessity

grout refresh colorant and sealer – it comes in a ton of colors and great way to change up the color of your grout or just to update what is already there (i used the color avalanche)

stick on grout for around your tub, it just makes it look so much cleaner

The Pink Stuff – people are obsessed with this stuff so I had to try it out, love it.

door knob with leverround doorknob without lever

shower curtain rod – i got it in the matte black

pack of four black hooks – i love that they’re peel and stick so i didn’t have to put anymore unnecessary holes in my walls

bathroom light fixture – however i wish i had gotten the whole black one, the gold is very gold

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