Recent Amazon Finds – April

I can’t even believe I’m saying it’s already April 2021. I feel like just yesterday we weren’t allowed to leave our house and now it’s been over a year.

wireless keyboard and mouse – i need anything and everything to make my work from home life easier. although i think that a lot of businesses are back to having their employees work in the office, it’s still something that i’m glad to have at home.

ring – i wanted to add a little more to my ring finger but i’m obviously not spending a ton of money on another ring so i found this one and it’s perfect! i started to not wear it in the shower because i didn’t want my finger turning green, but taking it off everyday didn’t last long and it’ been a few months of me not taking it off and it’s still perfect. it’s only $12 and even if something does happen to it, i don’t be mad about it.

portable baby playpen – why has it taken me four kids to get one of these? i’m so scared of Bridey putting the kids toys in her mouth now that she’s mobile so it’s been a lifesaver when i have to do anything, i can just throw her in there knowing that she can’t get anywhere and get into anything. it’ll also be perfect for the beach too!

light fixture – i have put updating the little things in my house on the back burner the last few years because, KIDS, obviously. my priorities were just elsewhere. so right now i’m looking on light fixtures (some are still from the previous owners who lived here for 30 years) and i found this one. it’s currently on sale for under $20 and it’s perfect.

NYX gloss – i never thought i would say this but i found another butter gloss that i’m loving. i feel like i’m cheating on my fortune cookie but my girl Melinda showed me this one and i loveeee.

eyelash thingy – the amazingly talented Gina did my make up for my sister in law’s wedding and she using something similar to this and i thought i needed one because i can’t never put mascara on my lower lashes because they’re literally white and soo tiny. mascara gets everywhere and then using the Qtip to get it off my skin just takes it all off and defeats the whole purpose.

white and gold balloon set – i got this set for Bridey’s christening and they were perfect. I even have so many left that I can just use later.

balloon pump – one time i blew up all of the balloons for Danny’s birthday garland and i regretted it, and also decided i’m never blowing up another balloon again in my life. it also does two at a time!

Bridey’s christening hairband – i actually couldn’t find the hat that Cabrey wore so i ordered this and kinda love that they got to wear the same dress but in their own way, if that makes sense. i think I’m thinking too much into it, but it’s a cut headband!

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