Recent Amazon Finds – February & March

I really don’t want this blog to be just Amazon finds, but life is kicking my butt lately. Amazon is a happy place and easily shareable, so here we go..

women’s corduroy long sleeve button down – i got it in a size SM and it’s definitely oversized

unisex baby set – absolutely love this set and it’s really good quality for an Amazon product

Saturdays are for the girls flag – perfect for bachelorette parties!

kids headphones – worth every single second that I’ve gotten back not having to yell at Cabrey to turn down her tablet!!!

silicone baby teether – I remember putting frozen fruit into the mesh ones when the other kids were babies and hating every single second of it, but they loved it. these don’t make a mess at all and Bridey loves to just chew on it. I buy a bag of frozen strawberries and throw them in there, she loves it and makes her so happy.

pantry storage containers – these are actually on sale right now too. it’s the 14 piece set and since the world has seemingly become obsessed with an organized pantry these are affordable

DASH express electric egg cooker – not gonna lie, I returned mine. but I’m still sharing because I did got a ton of messages from people who really did love it. It’s just one more thing I don’t feel like cleaning.

postpartum undies – I wish I had these right after I had the babes but they were super helpful after a different surgery

t-shirt and biker shorts set – influenced by another blogger who I love, Codie Barry, looked 100x better in it then me, but it was still super comfortable!

two long iPhone chargers – just because.

baby water play mat – I actually saw my niece playing with this and a friend’s baby so I figured I’d try it and Bridey loves it!

hair extensions – okay so, I actually didn’t buy these, I bought a cheaper version by my sister in law bought these ones and their AMAZING, her hair looks soooooo good. so I’m sharing.

makeup brushes – this is a set of 18 for only $13.. Cabrey keeps taking mine and it’s so much easier to just not have to clean off the insane amount of blush that she uses

super girl coloring book – Cabrey loves this series so when I saw it was a coloring book I had to get it for her

wall hanging skateboard hooks – because I’m going to slip and die on the skateboard that Tony keeps laying around

jumperoo – I wanted one for Bridey but wanted to keep it under $100, so I figured I’d try it and Bridey loves it!

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