Recent Amazon Finds

from feet peel masks to sheets ..this may be my most random Amazon month yet.

baby no 4 registry

1. favorite lip gloss – because it’s on sale!

2. bunk beds – the kids are loving their new bunk beds and I love how close to the ground this one is!

3. twin sheets – as we’re waiting for the new Beddy’s Beds to come in, we needed twin sheets and my four year old says they’re “so comfy”

4. twin mattress – for under $80, it was perfect. It fit the top of the bunk beds perfectly and I thought it was very reasonably priced!

5. foot peel mask – I don’t have another foot mask to compare it to, but after 2 weeks of using this, my feet feel amazing.

6. pink biker shorts – another day, another Amazon biker short recommendation. I’m not sure the material, but they are so soft.

7. tub toy storage – I could be late to the game on this one, but I can’t believe it took me so long to get it! This has been a bath game changer for us.

8. crib sheet – I didn’t want anything fancy for the new babe’s crib and I thought these were super affordable.

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