31 Week Bump Date & Tie Shoulder Dresses

Something about being in the 30 weeks has made my anxiety sky rocket. 

My son also started baseball this year and being at his first game and even though we aren’t close to anyone else at the field, just being in a large area with a lot of other people after the whole quarantine thing made me SO ANXIOUS. I didn’t realize how hard it would be for me to go back into the normal routine of things.

what i’m wearing: obsessing over these tie shoulder dresses lately! they’re non maternity so I’ll be able to wear them when I’m not pregnant and since I’m all about being comfortable during pregnancy, they are so easily just thrown on. You can find this one here (should have gotten a size M, but this is a small) and it comes in white too!



weight gained: 18 lbs. still averaging 2 lbs. a week.

heart rate: 126. At first I was like wait isn’t that low? But the doctor said the average around this time is 110-160. She went into detail about the change in heart rate but honestly, I didn’t quite understand but as long as she said 126 was normal, I’m good. ALSO – I’m not sure if I mentioned it before but my other kids have been pretty spot on with the whole heart rate old wives tale, meaning that if this one was right, it would be a boy. My husband has been saying boy the whole time and he’s also been right with all of the other ones soo.. we’ll see.

pregnancy probz: still anemic. started taking supplements for iron, which I thought would make me less tired, but I feel like I’m even more tired now.

current cravings: still the same pretty much. Wheaties cereal, grapefruit, frozen lemonade from Philly Pretzel Factory.

some favorite tie shoulder dresses:

blue dress// orange dress // white dress // red polkadot

previous bump dates:

21 weeks / 22 weeks / 24-25 weeks / 26-27 weeks28-29 weeks / 30 weeks

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