Kindred Bravely Try On Session

Featuring my favorite maternity nursing bra/loungewear brand, Kindred Bravely & you use code: KATELYNN20 for 20% off of your order!


Maternity Nursing Lounge Dress – This dress is perfect for lounging (hence the name Lounge dress) after the baby comes. Easily accessible for breastfeeding. If you’re not a new mom, you know how the first few days and months after a baby comes can be. Besides the fact that you now have a baby to take care of, your hormones are raging and your body is going through soo many changes, again. This dress is lightweight and great for wearing around the house.


Nursing Sports Bra // Like I said in my stories, I have never owned a nursing bra. I tried to nurse the last two babies, Cabrey I made it to about 6 weeks and Danny I had to pump because of him being in the NICU so getting one was really something that was on the top of my list this pregnancy. Breastfeeding is HARD. I don’t care if you’re a seasoned vet – it’s hard. I feel like having a great, comfortable nursing bra will help make all the difference for me this next time around. I’m wearing a size SM and it’s TTS.

Cherie Maternity & Postpartum Support Bike Shorts // Biker shorts might be trendy right now, but these pregnant/postpartum support biker shorts will literally NEVER go out of style. Your skin is a little stretched out after you have a baby (obviously) so it will be great to these high waisted biker shorts to be able to put on and hold everything together. I’m wearing a size SM and they’re TTS. It’s also important to point out that the part that goes over your belly is SUPER breathable.


The Bravely Labor & Delivery Gown // Genius. I can’t think of a more uncomfortable article of clothing (if we can even call it that) than a hospital gown. Being able to bring your own, one that is soft, easily adjustable and can open for skin to skin just like a regular hospital gown makes a world of difference to a woman in labor.


Nursing Pads

Emmaline Robe // The color that I ordered in this robe was out of stock, so I’m just waiting for the black to come in and then I’ll share an update!

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