Amazon Pregnancy Finds

I’m calling it “pregnancy finds” and not “maternity finds” because it’s not necessarily maternity clothes, but also clothes that are non-maternity but perfect for a baby bump.


white dress // wearing a size SM, it comes in a variety of colors, tank top, short sleeve or long sleeve and only $22

baby bump

ribbed skirt // so comfortable, comes in 13 colors and only $17

red swimsuit // this is non maternity, I’m wearing a size LG (could have went with the MD if I wasn’t pregnant), comes in a ton of colors/patterns and only $21


white tank dress // wearing a size SM, comes in 14 colors and only $19.00.


overalls // these are not maternity and comes in a ton of colors. I’m wearing a size MD, they’re $30 and have some stretch to them!

orange swimsuit

orange swimsuit // this IS a maternity swimmie and so comfortable. i’m wearing a size MD, it’s $33 and comes in 7 different colors.


red skirt // this is a non maternity skirt, but perfect for over the bump. I’m wearing a size MD because I knew it would be going over my belly. It comes in 6 different patterns/colors, around $25 and love that it has pockets.


black turtle neck dress // I’m wearing a size SM, it’s a midi dress so comes right under my knees, only $20 and comes in 7 colors.


maternity shorts// I talk all the time about how much I hate maternity shorts. I could never find any that I actually am comfortable that are cute. so happy I found these. I’m wearing a size M (but to be honest, I could have went with the SM because they stretch more as you wear them).  I am wearing the “B light blue” option and they come in like 15 different color options.


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