Week 28-29 Bump Date

I had my monthly appointment and officially into the 3rd trimester!

 Here comes the every two week doctor appointments. Crazy how fast this seems to be going and I’m kinda sad about it to be honest. I love being pregnant (I don’t think that’s any secret). The little baby kicks and the wondering whether it’s a boy or girl are just so special to me. This time around is especially different for me because Cabrey is old enough to really know what’s going on and seeing her just so excited and asking me if I’m feeling okay and wanting to feel my belly just melts my heart so much.


weight gained: so this month shockingly i gained 1 lb., which i’m 100% it has to do with the fact that my kids never stop and i chase them all over the place 24/7. i also eat a lot of plain cheerios?

fun fact: I’m anemic (which I knew I would be) and my iron is always low, in real life and pregnancy life, but something I didn’t know is that my iron being low is associated with all of the ice chips that I can’t stop eating. I’ve been averaging like, 3 cup fulls from Wawa a day. It’s called “PICA” meaning when you’re craving “non food items”.

heartbeat: 140, but I had just had some coffee. according to the old wives tale, I’m having boy. but for 5/10 other old wives tales that they have, it’s a girl.. so, who knows.

cravings: grapefruit. i could eat it all day long, cut in half in a bowl with a tiny bit of sugar. super grateful for that perforated spoon that Grandmom Fitti insisted that I have when she was moving and giving me all of her things.

nursery: finished the board and batten wall and I finally feel like we’re making progress. I can’t wait to put it altogether and so happy now that HomeGoods is open to I can find some things to decorate a little. I painted the walls white, which I think just makes it look so clean (my husband didn’t see a difference than the white that was already there) and I picked out some wallpaper that I like, but I’ve just been super indecisive about which one I want.

aches/pains: overall I feel pretty good with some cramping the last few weeks. I explained that to my doctor and for my piece of mind she check my cervix and the front was open and the back was closed. Which is apparently something that is common for a 4th pregnancy. I don’t know if it’s because it’s baby no. 4 but sometimes I just feel like this baby is going to fall out at any minute. my husband still thinks boy and I still think girl.

wearing: anything but jeans.

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