My DIY at home gel nail manicure

let me start off by saying i did not find this: shout out to my sister in law Haley for getting me hooked. super bowl Sunday i went over to her house and she whipped this out, i did my nails there that night and i’m forever a changed woman.

let me also start of by saying that i didn’t pay this much for it, since the whole quarantine situation we have going on, the price has literally doubled and the shipping time is a little bit longer than it was for us

here is the kit that i bought and here is the step by step of how i do it (which also comes with its own instructions)


step one: i file the top of my nails and shape them how i like. i file the top of them because after using it a few times i felt like doing the made it last a little longer.

step 2: a coat of the “foundation” and then under the light for 2 min

step 3: the first coat of the color of your choice. okay so the kit comes with a few colors, but i also purchased another brand of colors because i wanted the white and they worked perfectly fine with my kit (here are the colors i ordered), then you put your hand under the light for 2 min.

step 4: the second coat of the color and then under the light again for 2 min.

step 5: the last “top coat” and then under the light for 2 min.

& that’s it! it’s given me something to do at home during the quarantine and i don’t think i’ll ever have to go to a nail salon ever again. they last me about two weeks, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer. you can also put keep your fingers under the light for an extra minute, sometimes i do that just to keep them longer (i have no clue if it works). you can also do an extra coat of the color if you want too.


so if you are unable to get the kit or if you want something a little faster, you can purchase each of the things individually. an alternative to the kit is this light, this base and top coat and here are a few color options (option one/option two)

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