Top 20 of 2019

i haven’t posted in soo long. lets be honest, the past few weeks of the holidays and sickness through our house have been crazy. but i wanted to share the top 20 items in 2019 that everyone was loving! these items aren’t just things that i’ve purchased this year and they’ve been things that i’ve had in my closet that i can wear over and over again.


#1 off the shoulder midi dress // when i posted this dress i was SHOCKED. i actually had it in my closet and wasn’t sure if i was going to share it because i’m like eh, i dunno if anyone would really be interested. i mean, the amount of messages and purchases that were made for this dress was insane to me. i love it, i think it’s the perfect dress for a wedding and anyone i’ve ever seen wear it, looks amazing in it (even the girl at my cousins wedding who had the same one on as me!)

#2 over the knee boots// let me tell you. so last year i wanted these over the knee Goodnight Macaroon boots, so BAD. I just couldn’t justify paying $100+ on a pair of boots that i could only wear a few months out of the year, not to mention the horrible reviews of that website and those boots. so when i found almost the exact same ones at Target for only $44, i bought them right away. and in two colors.

#3 womens joggers // i am literally obsessed with sweatpants and joggers and these are my favorite joggers I’ve ever bought in my whole life. they aren’t available in black right now (they’re always coming back in stock) but they have them in a few other colors.

#4 fleece coat // kinda surprised, kinda not.

#5 v-neck tank // one of my favorite Amazon purchases. i still love this tank.

#6 polkadot skirt // perfect for something to wear to work! it’s so soft and elastic around the waist.

#7 red one shoulder dress // who doesn’t love a red dress? and it’s under $50.

#8 glycolic acid face wash // this has literally changed my skin. now, everyone has completely different skin, so i would suggest asking your dermatologist if it’s right for you before you spend that much on face wash, but if it’s something you want to try out, they’re constantly restocking.

#9 espadrille sandals // how cute are these! and they’re only $20. i loved that i could dress them up or down. i could wear them with some jeans and just a tank top or a dress.

#10 18 piece makeup brush set // $14 for an 18 piece makeup brush set i didn’t think was bad AT ALL. some brushes alone cost that much, for 1! this is actually $2 off right now too if you click the coupon at checkout. i’ve had these brushes for soo long and have used every one of them.

#11 wash it later bags // i shared these bags so long ago. i would buy these and put them in my diaper bag and when the baby would have massive spills or leaks, i would take their clothes and throw them in these bags! they are perfect to have with you at all times if you’re like me and your kids are a mess.

#12 plush slippers // i actually had to buy another pair because i wore mine down so much from wearing them 24/7. i’ve been home so much more recently and they are glued to my feet. they also make the perfect gift!

#13 Sephora mist airbrush foundation // still my no. 1 foundation. i mostly use it in the summer because of how light it feels on my face, i hate being in the sun and out when it’s hot feeling like i have makeup caked on my face.

#14 NYX lip gloss // favorite ever. it’s also much cheaper to purchase here online than in the store. you can get 2 for the price of 1.

#15 Lancome mascara // people love this mascara. i do love it, but i did think there was a cheaper alternative in the Lash Paradise. but if you’re wanting to try it, it’s constantly on sale for $12, so it’s worth the wait.

#16 sleepy lounge tee // perfect for leggings! i love the way that these hang over my butt when i’m wearing leggings or they’re perfect to wear when lounging around the house (hence the name)

#17 women summer beach dress // the perfect beach dress. it comes in 11 colors and it’s so comfortable!

#18 high waisted topshop jeans // you probably saw me wearing these jeans almost everyday this year. they’re a little pricey, i get it, but they’re constantly on sale for almost 50% off and around $35. i didn’t think that was too bad for jeans i wear constantly.

#19 favorite curling iron // i’ve had it for yearrssss. it still works just as great as the first day i got it and i wouldn’t use any other brand.

#20 Levi’s cropped jeans // another pair of expensive jeans that i was able to snag on sale. they’re pricey too but constantly on sale. i’ll keep sharing when i see them on sale.


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