Weekly Favorites

i can not even believe that Christmas is in three weeks already. December literally just started and it’s already flying by. I also included some Amazon stocking stuffer/pollyanna gift inspiration this week just in case anyone is looking for some ideas!


dress // this one is actually old, but i linked a similar one from the same store too

sweater vest // one of my favorites from Lemon Lun this winter! I’m wearing a size SM and it fits TTS. so soft and i feel like it’s perfect to throw on over a long sleeve shirt and some boots! (also loving these joggers and this top is perfect for Christmas!)

over the knee boots // these are the same brown ones that i have from Target. they fit TTS and i’ve seen them on other websites for over $150 (crazy).

ALSO – if you’re looking for something to help keep your over the knee boots up, Melissa from Lemon Lun found these on Amazon!


sherpa pull over // i’ve shared this before and i’m sharing it again because it’s on sale for only $20! i’m wearing a size M but i wish i would have gone with a bigger size.

long sleeve striped top // just a basic striped long sleeve shirt, wearing a size SM and it’s TTS.

black faux leather leggings // people are obsessed this Spanxx leather leggings these days but they’re close to $100. these i linked are under $20!

sneakers // stack your coupons at Kohl’s and you can get these for under $40. so many people don’t even know they sell Vans but they do and that’s where i get all of mine. these are memory foam and great for comfort. i’m wearing a size 6 and they’re TTS.


this outfit is just unbearable my favorite.

blazer // this one is a few years old but here is one similar for only $23!

black tank // this is literally on sale for only $4.

jeans // i’m constantly looking to see if these are on sale to share because they’re my favorite and they always have them for 50% off. they’re TTS and i’m wearing a size 28.

shoes // okay so these are Steve Madden that I got on sale last year but i also have the same dups from Target (only $25) that i also got last year. the target are just a little thinner and the Steve Madden are more narrow. both equally as comfortable.

sports bra // this is on sale for only $27. how cute is the back!? i’m wearing a size M (i went down a size from the other sports bra i got, but i could’ve gone with either).

leggings // i feel like anyone that knows me knows that i’m not a huge athleisure person but after finding this brand i’m forever changed. these leggings are my new favorite leggings, ever (that includes the 100 black pair i’ve had over the past 5 years). they’re SO soft and comfortable. i’m wearing a size SM and they’re TTS. they are high waisted and on sale right now!


1 // lighted makeup mirror – my room has the worst lighting so i’m always having to go to the bathroom to get ready but we only have 1 bathroom and i’m constantly getting interrupted. SO with this, i can now get ready in my bedroom.

2 // this sherpa throw blanket is under $20. perfect for a white elephant pollyanna gift. i mean if someone else got it i would be stealing it.

3 // a few months ago i went crazy looking to see if they had a cordless Alexa because i hate how i could see the cord. i mean, it’s 2019. but this is a good alternative. the cord hides right in the back of it.

4 // hair dryer/volumnizer – 500 – that’s the number of messages i received after posting this on my Instagram about how big of a game changer this is!! so many people who seem to have all different hair types that recommended it.

5 // everyone should have this and if you don’t know what it is – Google it.

6 // slippers – yes, i’ve shared these before but i’m sharing them again because they’re such a good gift! i’m wearing a size SM and a size 6 in shoes.

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