Weekly Favorites

rounding up a few things from this past week..


hat // i’ve talked about and linked this many times before. i said it once, i’ll say it again.. i don’t understand people paying a ton of money for things that you can get for only $15. this hat comes in a ton of different color options and is under $20.

bodysuit // this is from Lemon Lun and i’m wearing a size M. it fits TTS and i always tend to size up on my bodysuits. just a tip for any turtleneck bodysuit – do your make up AFTER you put it on.. getting a turtleneck over your head after freshly done make up is no joke.

jeans // currently on sale! and have been for a few weeks. i sized up because there is zero stretch. you can also get them here too.

belt // my favorite. you’ve seen it 100 times before and this time IT’S ON SALE.

booties // loving these. my feet never hurt when i wear them, which is always a plus.

leopard slides // i also could have paired it with these leopard slides from Steve Madden that are currently on sale for only $31!

Long hair

jacket // so this is old Bebe (RIP) but i still love. i linked another affordable option that is almost exactly the same and ON SALE.

bodysuit // where else, but Lemon Lun, duh. and under $15.

jeans // these are Target and they are literally only $10. i was looking for a good pair of black jeans that were high waisted, not too long and super stretchy – and these are exactly what i was looking for.

boots // i feel like you’re just going to see them in every post from now until March. #sorrynotsorry. ALSO – if they’re out of stock, make sure to sign up to be notified when they’re back because that’s what i did and they were available the next day – someone else said the same thing.

belt // same as the other photo – ON SALE.

hair product i use // i’m sharing this because it’s my go-to and i use it everyday and it’s currently ON SALE

curling iron // i get tons of questions about how i get my hair like this and my big thing is the curling iron that i couldn’t live without. i’ve had it for a least 5 years and it still works so great. it’s totally affordable and i’ve never had any issues with it. you can also get it here.


leggings // i’ve talked about this company before, but they’re having a huge Black Friday sale which is 40-50% off of everything, including these leggings. i’m wearing the Lola style and they’re TTS (SM). so comfortable, i love how i can just throw them on even when i wouldn’t be working out. they have a matching sports bra (here) on sale for only $19 and comes in 5 colors and also have a few new options that they just released. these leggings are only $22 and come in 3 different colors.

top // just a comfy $12 crop top.

hat // another Amazon find that was $12 and now is only $6.


so i talked about on Instagram how genius it was for Kohl’s to be taking Amazon returns. i went to kohl’s and spent money that i probably wouldn’t have spent if i hadn’t gone for the return. also – the return took just long enough for my kids to open the toys for me to have to purchase now. you also get a 25% off coupon when you return something there, and you get one for each item that you’re returning.

door mat // two things i HATE spending money on: 1. throw pillows & 2. doormats. throw pillows because it’s just a tiny piece of fabric with cotton stuffing inside and people spend like $30 on just 1 and doormats because people literally walk all over them. so i’m happy to say i only got this one for $9 ($12 without a kohl’s charge) and didn’t mind buying it at all.

sherpa pull over // this was on sale for only $24. i got it in a size M but wish i had gotten it in a size LG for a bigger fit. it’s just not long enough for me, or to wear with leggings.

joggers // these are currently on sale too. wearing a size SM and they’re TTS. i love how they stay on my calves and don’t ride down.

slippers // okay so i haven’t taken these off since i got them. i’m a slippers person and i always have to have something on my feet around the house. i love these specifically because my feet hang out just enough that they’re not sweating! obsessed.

buffalo plaid outdoor rug // this is currently on sale and i have the 3’7 x 5’6 option.



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