Weekly Favorites

weekly reeeecap.

Wish you were Northwest crewneck

crewneck // i’ve been obsessed with this brand for soo long. i’ve been waiting for a crewneck to come out that i HAD to have and this color combination was my favorite so far. i’m wearing a size M because i wanted it more oversized an it’s TTS.

jeans // i feel like by now you have to be used to me telling you how much i love these from Lemon Lun.

white tee // favorite. ya know those shirts you wear the first time and you love it and want to wear it everyday? that’s this shirt for me.

boots // the ones that i’m wearing are Express last year (only $34) but i linked a very similar pair and they’re currently on sale.

hat // is my husbands from work.


green duster jacket // this is from LemonLun of course! it’s currently sold out, but make sure you keep checking because it could possible restocked and i think it’s one of my favorites i’ve gotten from there so far.

black tank // one of my favorite basic tanks. wearing a size M and it’s TTS. i like the M because it’s more of a longer length.

black leggings // just your basic black $7 leggings from Targe.

black boots // sorry to spam you with these boots buttttttttt

Metallica band tee

band tee // this was in my October H&M list of things i want but can’t buy because i’m not spending money in October. so right when it turned November, i got it.

jeans // another favorite from Lemon Lun

boots // get ready to see these like, everyday for the next two months.

belt // not a huge belt person so if you see me wearing it belt, it’s probably this one.

Over the knee boots

t-shirt // i didn’t know what girls meant, but now that i think about it, i have a shirt that says girls across my chest. i dunno.. i liked it.

cardigan // this is UO last year but i linked a similar one!

jeans // they are currently on sale for only $14! they don’t have buttons or anything, they’re leggings and perfect for oversized crewnecks and tunics!

boots // do i really need to link them again?


hoodie // so i came across this brand on instagram and the name has “butter” in it.. so i was atomically intrigued because i love butter on everything. and then it also has the words “supersoft” and again.. was like uhh i love everything super soft. and the name is exactly how this hoodie is. SO FREAKING SOFT. i love it. i’m wearing a size SM and it is TTS/cropped.

leggings // these are my fav from Nordstrom, the ones i share by and they’re only $24.


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