The Perfect White T-shirt

i’m pretty sure that 90% of my closet is white t-shirts or white anything. it’s just my go-to that goes with literally, everything. 

i love the clean look of everything white. i’m constantly looking for the BEST white t-shirts and i think i’ve found some i really love

.. and some i really don’t. whether i’m getting ready for a night out or a night in, i’m constantly finding myself gravitating towards my white t-shirts.


i think i have officially found my FAVORITE. the softness, length and its ability to hold up so well in the wash has confirmed it for me.


(white t-shirt // hat // belt // jeans)


my favorite cropped white t-shirt. i’m not a huge cropped shirt to begin with, i dunno i feel weird wearing them but this one makes an exception. i love how it’s not too short. it’s a thicker cotton so it’s not see-through and it again, doesn’t fall apart after one wash and super affordable.

(jeans // sandals // hat)


my favorite white tank ever!! okay so i’m wearing a size M in this. love the price and the length. it does get a little wrinkly after a wash, but it’s nothing that a little wrinkle release (or iron, if you’re fancy) can’t fix. it’s also currently on sale.





One response to “The Perfect White T-shirt”

  1. […] for me, fall is skirt season! // i’m short so sometimes when i wear skirts i feel like it makes me look even shorter. i’m wearing a M in this one (again, this brand tends to fit on the smaller side). my hat comes in soo many color options, my shoes are TTS and I got them on sale for only $27! my top is the one from my most recent blog post about my white tees (you can find it here) […]


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