Summer favorites

we’re going with summer favorites because “weekly” has just come and gone. summer has been so crazy (& fun) i haven’t been able to keep up with these posts as much as i’d like.

let me start with THIS HAT.


this hat // it’s only $15!!!! soo skeptical when i saw this, i thought for sure when it came it was be like a POS, not like the picture at all hat – but i was wrong. it comes in a bunch of colors (mine is the navy). perfect for fall (or still for summer)

top // just a Target everyday striped top. love their basics. wearing a size M because i feel like their cheaper tees tend to shrink a little in the was

jeans // wearing a size 8 – these are none other than my favs from Lemonlun – who is having a HUGE end of the summer sale now so don’t forget to check it out.

lip gloss // i talked about this in my stories and it’s my favorite and has been for 10 years. i haven’t found a color or texture that i like better.

eyebrow tint // also talked about this on my stories. detailed blog post coming soon!


sweater // if you follow me on IG you may have seen me in these sweaters throughout the year. i’m obsessed with them. they’re the perfect lightweight sweater. don’t forget to use code: kdevinney15 for 15% off your order

red swim // only $20! so while i was on vacation i was in desperate need of a bathing suit. when i look for one on Amazon i look at the reviews and see the pictures and see if the peoples butts are completely out. this one looked pretty good and i was happy with it. i ordered a L but i could have gone with the M.

white swim or here  // you may have seen this before on my IG. i love it. so comfortable and not see through.


black bodysuit // of course, LemonLun. wearing a size L (bc i always size up on my bodysuits) and the one is white is actually on sale for $12!

jeans // one of my favs and worth the splurge. wearing a size 29 (i size up on Levis)

phone case // feel free to try the code: kdevinney for 10% off your order


hat // stole it from the husband.

v neck tee // wearing a size M – one of my favorite brands for tees.

shorts // okay people, they’re only $7 and AMAZING. not gonna lie when i saw people wearing these shorts i was like, are you kidding me? but then i saw someone and they looked so cute so i wanted to try them and these ones are 100%. they have pockets and it’s a thick material so my ass isn’t all over the place.

sandals // TTS – wearing a size 6.

plaid shirt // old but here is a cute one for only $23.


white tank // currently on sale, wearing a size M because i like the biggest fit.

jeans // another pair of Levi’s – sized up!

(for anyone local, the sunflower field is located here: Sugartown Strawberries. it’s free and you can just go and visit anytime)


cardigan // one of only two of my purchases from the Nordstrom sale. and one of my favorites! wearing a size XS, it’s kinda big and comes in 5 colors.

white tank // my new favorite brand of all time. wearing a size M.

jeans // they are TTS and on sale right now. love the fit and that they actually don’t have holes in them for once.

shoes // when Pat first saw these, he was all like, “are platforms back in?” and i’m like.. uh i dunno but i’m wearing them anyway. wearing a size 6.5, i sized up and they’re SO comfortable. and on sale right now!


my sweat outfit // wearing a size M. my family makes fun of me for wearing them out of the house because they say their pajamas but they’re just so comfy.

cabrey’s sweat outfit // TTS – she is a 4T and they’re the perfect size.


jacket // another one from Chaser. wearing a size M, love the stretch.

jeans // the top of these jeans are like maternity pants, BUT THEY’RE NOT and they’re amazing. i believe they are called jeggings and i really don’t care what they’re called but they’re great. (also on sale)

shoes // same ones from the previous outfit.


jacket // another Chaser fav. wearing a size M.

black tank // wearing a size M. loveee my a basic tank.

white jeans // wearing a size 8, on sale and love the fit.


overalls // they’re 60% off making them only $16. they have a good stretch to them and i sized up to a 6 because i didn’t want them to be too tight.

striped tee // the other purchase from the Nordstrom sale. wearing a size M, it’s not super long but good to tuck in with high waisted jeans – or wear with overalls

shoes // you may have seen my wear these in a brownish color as well – they’re my absolute favorite shoes. i need comfort for these fred flinstone feet as my dad says and i can walk all day in them without my feet killing me.

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