weekly favorites

this week has been crazy. spent some time on the beach with the fam, hung by the pool + took some time just walking around the farm (personal fav.) here are some of my recent outfits:



white bathing suit // so i’m wearing a size large. i am a 36dd boob and i have a butt, so i was worried about everything staying in. it fit great, other than having to pull it up, which i feel like comes with any tube top bathing suit or shirt, it fit really well.



pink dress // amazon find, of course. this was actually my most sold piece when i posted about the Amazon dresses. i’m wearing a size S and it’s TTS.


white off the shoulder top // how cute is this top! i’ve gotten soo many messages about this when i posted it on my instagram. i’m wearing a size S and it’s TTS.

jeans // i actually did a try on with these jeans today in my ig stories (here). i’m wearing a size 8 and they’re TTS. loveee them. i love how they’re tight, but not too tight. and i don’t have to worry about unbuttoning them when i get into my car or when sit down!


white crop top // only $20, wearing a size S (TTS) and perfect for high waisted jeans!

high waisted jeans //  50% off still (only $37.50, not bad for jeans either)! you can find me in these jeans 6 out of 7 days, they’re that good. i’ve mentioned them in other posts because i really love them.

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