Weekly Favorites

It’s been a while.


green sweater // it’s only $18 – wearing a size S, it’s oversized even when keeping with your normal size. i love how it’s super thick.

jeans // i’m always wearing, TTS.

leopard flats // TTS, wearing a size 6.


black overalls // i love any outfit that takes minimal effort so overalls for the win.

striped orange shirt // wearing a size S. it’s meant to be a little tighter but i have boobs so i could’ve gone with a medium.

Uggs // wearing a size 6. i bought these last year and they’re still in great shape. i’m wearing them constantly.

Elsa dress // she wears it everyday so it was worth every penny. she’s normally a size 3 but wearing a size 6.


pull over // i’ve been searching for a pullover that wasn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg – and this is perfect. wearing a size S and it’s TTS. also comes in 3 colors.


orange cardigan // i have no clue what is up with me an orange lately, but i clearly can’t get enough. wearing a size S – which is definitely oversized.

jeans // i literally paid $6 for these and they’re my new favorite jeans. wearing a size 6 and they’re TTS

white tank //


off the shoulder sweater // wearing a size S, TTS. i love how comfortable this is, you can dress it up or dress it down.


sherpa hoodie // this one i’m wearing is from last year, but the one they have this year is actually much cuter. i just refuse to buy it because i have this one. wearing a size XS, but wish i was wearing a bigger size for more comfort. a little pricy but currently on sale!


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