6 months, 2 years & helmet game strong.

So, I planned and planned and planned for Cabrey’s 2nd birthday party and Danny’s christening only to end up in bed sick, all day. I’M SO MAD. But I’m sure they had such an amazing time with my husband, family and friends. I literally laid in bed while they were downstairs celebrating, ugh.


Danny’s Christening Outfit

Processed with VSCO with e6 preset

Women’s White Bodysuit / Babygirl White Bodysuit / Silver Heels / Girls Silver Shoes / Women’s Tulle Skirt / Girls Tulle Skirt / Tony’s Tie/Cabrey’s Bow

Happy Birthday to our new 2 year old!!! Cabes, are you something else.. literally. Two years old you’re already beating up your 9 year old brother and it’s hilarious. You HATE wearing clothes and rip off your diaper every chance you get. You have to be potty trained soon, or we’ll have to start duct taping your diapers on you! Chasing you around the dining room table to put your diaper and clothes back on has become an everyday occurrence. I’m constantly chasing you around the house with a camera and my phone so I can try and capture these hilarious moments – I never want to forget your little mannerisms. The way you say, “irish” kills me! I feel like you’re 2 going on 16. Ever since I was little I dreamed of having a daughter who loved getting their nails and hair done – seeing you love those things has made my life. I want to take in every single moment of watching you try and put lipstick on – it’s the best thing ever.


Happy 6 months to our Danny!! I can’t believe how fast these last six months have gone by! YOU.ARE.PERFECT.  You’re rolling over like crazy and following your sister/Casey everywhere they go. It’s hilarious how they make you crack up. You’re not eating food yet, Mommy made the mistake of trying to get you to eat bananas (his pediatrician was like WHY ARE YOU FEEDING HIM, I dunno he looked hungry?) and you were stuffed up like crazy – it was a sin. Other than food, you’re eating like a champ. About 7 ounces 6 times a day (5 am, 8 am, 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, 8 pm) and are sleeping so good through the night (other than the nights your sister wakes you up at 4 am, #nobueno). Your sister is obsessed. I can only imagine the things that she is going to be talking you into doing one day. I’m sure you’ll be two peas in a pod. You don’t stop moving. I know we’re totally in for it with you like we are with your sister. You’re always kicking, laughing and screaming. You fit in perfectly. You’re always grabbing your feet and trying to stick your whole hand in your mouth! I guess that’s a normal baby thing.


Danny’s Hat

I’m supposed to keep his helmet on for 23 hours a day but sometimes he just needs a break (like every day, for a few hours, oops). Other than that, he seems pretty good with it. There are a few times where it’s left red marks and you really need to keep up with cleaning it because he sweats so much in his sleep and it starts to stink. I have an appointment in a few days to get a check up and see how things are progressing. When I take it off you can see a HUGE improvement on how much more round it is. He’s starting to lose a little hair in one area I think where the helmet is rubbing, but his hair is growing so quickly I’m sure it’ll come right back. So, if you’re thinking about getting it – it’s well worth it. He’s so used to it by now sometimes my husband and I think that he actually wants it on. Like a

9 responses to “6 months, 2 years & helmet game strong.”

  1. This is so sweet! I love the color coordinated outfits and the photography. Did you do that yourself?

    I was told my daughter needed a helmet, but had to have a referral from her pediatrician and try as I might, she would not do it. I even went to see a pediatric plastic surgeon who wouldn’t prefer either. Do you find it helpful?


  2. So sweet! I saw the birthday photo on instagram and it is the cutest ever! I love the coordinating outfits. I hope you are feeling better! I know that was so hard to miss all the celebrations!


  3. These are beautiful pictures, and you have a beautiful family. It is a bummer that you were sick on such an important day, yet that may be a family story in later years. 😉


  4. Great pictures. Your children are precious and beautiful. I am sorry that you were sick on such a momentous day. I am glad though that the pictures will remind you of the good times you have had with them and hopefully many more to come!


  5. Aw!!! the pictures are so adorable especially the hat one..I am sorry to hear that you were feeling under the weather, however the pictures will always give you a warm feeling as sweet memories…


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