Over the past few months since Danny broke out of the NICU, he clearly has favored the right side. Anytime he sleeps he’s always positioned his head looking to the right and it seems as though no matter what I do to try and get him to keep his head to the left, it always goes back to the right. I’ve tried everything, from placing something under his crib sheet to physically (which didn’t hurt him and was recommended by the dr.) slowing pushing his head to the left and keeping it there for about a minute. We have actually even gotten used to feeding him with our left hand so that he’ll be on our right side, looking up at us to the left. Nothing has worked and it seems that his head has just continued to get worse. To me it even seems to be pushed out on the opposite side of the front of his head.

It’s like that nauseous feeling you get when you watch someone physically break a bone, that’s how I feel when I look directly at how flat his head is. I can’t help it!

He hates tummy time. I go into his daycare and most mornings there is a little baby girl there who is maybe a few weeks younger (maybe older I can’t remember, regardless they’re close in age) who is already almost rolling over! The mom in me automatically starts to think that he’s behind and wonders what I’m doing wrong! Then, after actually thinking about it (and calling his dr. obviously) I remember that all babies progress at their own rate and some are just ahead or behind one another, which is completely normal. I think my daughter was probably a lot further along at this age but I tend to believe it has something to do with the fact that boys are just lazy (hah.)

So, at his four month checkup his pediatrician, who, by the way, I am just obsessed with and has been our pediatrician for about ten years, suggested that we check out a plastics doctor about getting him started on a helmet. She went as far as saying that it takes a lot for her to actually suggest that a baby see about a helmet and his was just that bad she thought we should.

So, we made our way down to CHOP in Philadelphia to get him looked at.

The doctor we met with went over everything thoroughly with us. Surgery was ruled out ..thank God. Surprisingly, considering he hates tummy time, his neck is pretty strong. They typically like to start a baby with a helmet at five months because of the strength of their necks, but since his is pretty good and the helmet takes a few weeks to get in, it would be closer to five months anyway. They’re under the impression he’ll be looking at wearing the helmet for about 4-6 months. Good thing its fall is here so it’ll be able to keep his head warm. He’ll wear it about 23 hours a day but in the beginning it’ll start out just for a few hours adding more each day for him to get used to it.

So, here we are. Today we’re going to meet with a prosthetics and orthotics specialist to see about getting him fitted for a helmet. I’m super anxious and hope he doesn’t just hateeeeee wearing it. I’ve been trying to put hats on him recently so that he would get used to having something on his head, which he seems to not really mind.

Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated. I’m curious to know how other babies have adjusted to wearing them and if the parents are happy with the results, so if anyone knows anyone or their own baby has had to wear one – I’d love to know!


8 responses to “Helmet.”

  1. First of all I wanted to say stop comparing him to other babies! Your first sentence says it all! “since he broke out of the NICU”… that verbiage acknowledges his strength and resilience! Just because he’s not at the same spot as some peers doesn’t mean he won’t conquer!

    Anyway, I recently moved to a town near Philly and have heard amazing things about CHOP, so I believe you are in good hands and this will all work out!

    Sending love!


  2. No personal experience. Just wanted to say, you’ve got this mama. You’re doing everything you can to help your little guy and because of that, he’s going to be just fine. By the way, totally love the idea of putting hats on him now to prepare him for the helmet later. Great idea! I’ve also heard great things about CHOP, but for something different. Regardless, y’all are in good hands. You’ve got this! ❤


  3. My son had the same problem. We noticed it early but the pediatricians said it would work out. He had daily massages to strengthen his neck. He was 7 mos and still over we continued and he just grew out of it. We never had to use a helmet. Actually never knew it was an option. Better days are ahead 😊


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